Singer and multi-instrumentalist Christiane Glitch is a one-woman, electronic-driven powerhouse from Montreal, Canada. She uses keyboards, saxophone, loops and various other instruments to deliver her retro dance-rock songs and indulge her penchant for experimentation. At times abrasive, at times darkly contemplative, her music combines the catchy sounds of 80s synth pop with the edginess of Nine Inch Nails and David Lynch. Having always felt like something of a social outcast, she uses her art as an outlet to embrace her own weirdness and invite others to do the same for themselves. 

Christiane Glitch is the solo moniker of Christiane Charbonneau, who has been active on the Montreal scene for over fifteen years as a performing and recording artist. Prior to her solo work, she performed with the likes of Bran Van 3000, Montreal rocker Sunny Duval, and disco-funk dodecahedron Les Guerres d’l’Amour. She has appeared on hundreds of stages throughout North America, including major festivals such as Osheaga and the Montreal International Jazz Festival. These many experiences have shaped her into the charismatic performer she is today. While she usually appears alone before audiences, she strives to make every performance as energetic and exciting as that of a full rock band. 

In November 2021, Christiane Glitch released her latest EP, titled 'Character((s))'. Nominated at the 2022 GAMIQ Awards for Best Electro Album or EP, the release also earned her stellar reviews from Le Canal Auditif and, who praised its "captivating atmospheres," "exciting saxophone solos," as well as Christiane's "powerful, confident voice."


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